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Who Am I?

       Greetings from Bandung. Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome to my first blog. Not the very first actually because i have started some before, but i don't have time to post anything. Actually I have 3 blogs in this gmail account and I deleted 2 because i never use it. The last one is my very first blog that i created when I was a 6th grader.
      So, let me introduce myself. I am Kendrik Emkel Ginting. My friends usually call me Kenny. I born in Jambi on 29th of August 2001. It was 14 years ago, will be 15 next week by the time I wrote this. My family moved to Bandung in 2004 when I was 3 years old. Now I live in Antapani, Bandung.

        I was a student of SD ST Ursula (SD = Elementary School). It was located in Jl. Bengawan. It's a Catholic school, so it had high discipline and strict rules. SD ST Ursula gives many value to my character because by being the student of ST Ursula i get used to wake up in the morning (5'o clock) and arrived at school before 6 a.m. After graduated from SD ST Ursula, got into SMP Kristen Yahya (SMP = Junior High School, Kristen = Christian). There i learned to be braver in socialization and expressing myself. Then, now, I am a student of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung (SMA = Senior High School). I'm very happy and proud because SMA Negeri 3 Bandung is the best school in Bandung, even Indonesia.

      I live with my parents and a younger sister. My father work as a sales manager for foreign company, while my mother work as a sales manager too in a local company. My father and my mother often traveling out of Bandung due to work reasons. I have a 13 years old sister. Her name is Rahel Tamita Ginting. She attends SMP Negeri 7. She is smart, but not a very diligent person.

       When i have spare time i like to watch YouTube, read books, play computer games, or learn something new about the computer. I often repeat the lessons in the school at home because the standard of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung is high enough. I have to learn more and more because I want to be scientist and businessman. I used and not or, because we can do business on everything, just like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They're scientist, they invented Personal Computer (PC) that we use now, and they also businessmen, they built Microsoft and Apple and their company growing rapidly.

         It has been a long entry. So I think that's it, I have to do another homework. This blog is open for everyone. I'm still learning how to build a good blog, so if you have any critics or suggestion or maybe both, feel free to comment under every entry or email me. If you have any interesting story, please let me know. Feel free to contact me on . See you in the next entry.


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