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Superb Bird-of-Paradise

Superb Bird-of-Paradise is a very unique bird. It is commonly known as Cenderawasih Kerah in Indonesia. It’s included in Paradisaeidae family, a family that consists of “Paradise Birds” or Cenderawasih Birds in Bahasa Indonesia. Superb Bird-of-Paradise’s scientific name is Lophorina superba. This bird was hailed by bird lovers because its unique court dance.
                The male and female bird has slight differences. The body size is not different, approximately 26cm. The only different is the feather colour. The female has reddish-brown feather while the male is dominated by black feather with cyan breast shield and green crown.

                The bird lives in rainforest. We can find them in all around Papua Island, both Indonesia or Papua New Guinea, and in eastern Australia. It’s an Australic fauna.

                The unique thing of this bird is its courtship dance. Before the bird mating, the male has to attract the female. He will shout and call the fema…


There will be a meeting for every member of Acceleration 15th class. We will discuss our class vacation. The meeting will be held on:                 Day/Date              : Thursday, 13th September 2016                 Time                     : 14.00                 Place                     : Acceleration 15th Class
                To every class member, please come on time and wear that day uniform. Your presence is very meaningful for us. Thank you.

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LDKS (Basic Leadersip Training for Students)

Thrusday, 29th September 2016, all 10th graders attended an event named LDKS which stands for Latihan Kepemimpinan Dasar Siswa. In English LDKS means Basic Leadership Training for Students. We had to gather at 6.30AM as usual. In 6 AM there were many students had already arrived, so the armies and our senior told us to enter the hall. We waited for our friends to come. In 7.30 AM we got in to our barrack. I got Iswahyudi 5.                 After we placed our luggage in our Barrack we went to the hall again to begin our opening ceremony. The ceremony must be ‘perfect’, before start the real ceremony there were some rehearsal with the Army. While some of us did the rehearsal, the other had to sit silently (DO NOT TALK!!).                 In the first day there were some materials by our teacher and armies. Our teacher socialize the rules that stands in our school. The armies taught us about PBB (Peraturan Baris Berbaris), in English means Drill and Ceremony Procedure. …