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Natural Phenomenon: Geyser

Geyser is a hole in earth surface that shoots hot water and steam. Geyser is a rare geological phenomenon. Geyser usually located near active volcano site because it is an effect of magma. There are about 1000 active geysers in earth and half of them located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. Geyser is an extremely rare feature. It needs to fulfill some condition so the geyser can shoot water. It is a coincidence that the geological structure of the area meets the condition to form geyser. Some conditions required for a geyser is hot rocks below (magma), sufficient groundwater surface, at least a subsurface reservoir, and fissure to deliver water to the surface. A fissure is a long deep crack in the body of the earth that allows water to flow. Eruption of geyser happen if groundwater is superheated. The eruption is mainly caused by steam explosion. Magma activities inside earth caused water is boiling. After water is boiled, it always tries to change it formation from liquid…

Book Review: Dilan, Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990

Dilan, Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990 Title: Dilan, Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990 (in English: Dilan, He is My Dilan Year 1990) Author: Pidi Baiq Genre: Teenage Romance, Non-Fiction Publisher: DAR! Mizan Pages: 333 pages Published Date: April 2014
Dilan, Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990 is the first book of a trilogy consists of “Dilan, Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990”, “Dilan Bagian Kedua, Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1991”, and “Milea, Suara dari Dilan”. All the novels based on true story. Just like what the title said, the event happened in 1990 in the 1st book, 1991 in the 2nd book, and both year on the 3rd book. The first and the second book tell us the story from Milea’s point of view, while the third book tell us from Dilan’s point of view. In this post I will only review the first book. I’ve finished reading the second book, but I haven’t finished the third book. The first book has been released since 2014 and still be sold in many bookstores in Indonesia. However, I have just finished …

News Reporting Video

News Review: The New York Times - How The Violence Unfolded in Charlottesville

The New York Times - How the Violence Unfolded in Charlottesville Charlottesville, VA, USA. Violence happened on Saturday 12th August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia between white nationalists and counterprotesters. The event first run smoothly but later became violence. None of the group claims responsibility for the violence. The white nationalist blamed counterprotesters, so did the counterprotesters. The counterprotesters also blamed he police for not prevent the event turned violence. Amateur recordings paint the picture of how the violence happened in sequence.
In the early morning, the counterprotesters gathered in St. Paul’s memorial Park while the white supremacists gathered in McIntire Park. Both of them then marched to Emancipation Park. National guards also spotted. The first clash happened in 10.30AM then more clashes happened before 11.00AM, the use of pepper spray also reported. State of local emergency has been declared by the local government at 11.06AM. The clashes…

Job Vacancy, Curriculum Vitae, and Application Letter

Job Vacancy Program Manager, Global Program Management
IT Location
Fremont, California Req. ID

51048 Job Type


Tesla is looking for a seasoned Program Manager to join the Global Program Management team. They will be a key liaison with business users and technical teams and will develop and execute strategic programs and projects to launch and support the Tesla Energy business. The Program Manager will have overall responsibility for managing high visibility and high value programs and projects and have the ability to apply program/project management skills to assure the timely and efficient execution of projects. This position may also be responsible for a portfolio of projects (program).

This position requires strong program/project management capabilities, effective communication and collaboration skills, and the ability to provide insight around potential risks and opportunities, resolve conflict, initiate resolution and deliver results.

Dewa Athena

Saturday 25th March 2017 and Saturday 1st April 2017 all 10 graders of SMAN 3 Bandung held a sport event called as “Dewa Athena”. Dewa Athena in English means Athena the Goddess, but actually it’s an abbreviation for “Olimpiade Siswa, Ajang Tunjuk Kebolehan, Eksistensi, dan Kebersamaan Siswa” or in English translated as “Students Olympic, Talent Show, Existence, and Student Togetherness Event”. This event is similar to class meeting in other school, but the difference is Dewa Athena don’t disturb any school lessons while class meeting in other school usually hold after the school semester ends or the school dedicates a week to hold the event without any lessons.                 The event should start at 7AM, but when I arrived at 7.30 AM it was not started yet. I was late, I woke up at 6.51 AM while I should arrive at 7AM. Not long after I arrived, the opening ceremony started. Almost all class wore their jersey. My class wore our jersey too.
                The first…

Movie Review : Spare Parts

One of my favorite movies is Spare Parts. Spare Parts is not a popular movie in Indonesia, because it didn’t play in Indonesian theatre. However, the value that the film bring is absolutely great and the story is really moving. The story is adapted from real story into film.                 The movie told us about 4 Hispanic students at Carl Hayden Community College that joined in robotic team. They are undocumented Mexican who enter to the US illegally. They live in pressure of American Border Patrol, poverty, and danger. At the same time, Dr. Fredi Cameron, an engineer, who needs job visits Carl Hayden Community College to apply for science teacher. Later, Dr. Fredi Cameron lead the robotic club to attend NASA sponsored ROV (Remotely Underwater Vehicle) competition. In order to join the ROV competition they have to face many problems. They have to use their limited budget effectively. Not only the budget, the problem comes from each student family, and Dr. Cameron. …

Semester Break

The semester break has come. It’s time to do some refreshing after tiring school period. This is what I have been waiting for. This holiday I and my family went to Hong Kong. This is my second time to go abroad. We bought tickets and reserved hotel since September 2016. We went in Thursday, December 29th 2016. We departed from Bandung at 12.30 to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Our flight was Malaysia Airlines MH 724 to Kuala Lumpur then MH 72 from KL to Hong Kong. MH 724 departed at 7.50 PM and arrived in KL at 11.50 PM local time. The MH 72 departed on December 30th 2016 at 8.40 AM and arrived at 12.30 PM both in local time (GMT+8). In Kuala Lumpur, we only transit for about 8 hours. We slept in the hotel near the airport. The we must had already in the airport again for the next flight before 7AM. When we arrived at Hong Kong we had to claim our baggage in the baggage claim area. We brought 4 bags but only 3 were spotted but the last one was not spotted. And the bad thing it…