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Dewa Athena

                Saturday 25th March 2017 and Saturday 1st April 2017 all 10 graders of SMAN 3 Bandung held a sport event called as “Dewa Athena”. Dewa Athena in English means Athena the Goddess, but actually it’s an abbreviation for “Olimpiade Siswa, Ajang Tunjuk Kebolehan, Eksistensi, dan Kebersamaan Siswa” or in English translated as “Students Olympic, Talent Show, Existence, and Student Togetherness Event”. This event is similar to class meeting in other school, but the difference is Dewa Athena don’t disturb any school lessons while class meeting in other school usually hold after the school semester ends or the school dedicates a week to hold the event without any lessons.
                The event should start at 7AM, but when I arrived at 7.30 AM it was not started yet. I was late, I woke up at 6.51 AM while I should arrive at 7AM. Not long after I arrived, the opening ceremony started. Almost all class wore their jersey. My class wore our jersey too.
Dewa Athena schedule for 25th March 2017. My Class labeled as X Aksel.

                The first game of my class is basketball. My class (X Aksel) faced X Science 6. The player was Yahya, Dio, Kevin, Raihan, Ernest, Ziyad, and Maher. Unfortunately, my class defeated. We lost the game. The next game we had to do is estafette vs X Science 9. The player was Dio, Ziyad, Adeline, and Gita. We won the game, so we had to play again in estafette later vs X Social.
                The next game we had to do was gobak sodor. Gobak sodor is Indonesian traditional game where we have to defense our base so our enemy can’t get into our area. At that time my class faced X Science 4. I and some Christian students of my class didn’t watch the game because we had to attend Christianity class. After that, the game we had is Badminton. Ziyad and Ernest played for us vs X Science 8. They were superb players. We won the game 2 straight sets while X Science 8 could be considered as one of the toughest rivals.
Gobak Sodor, my class in red jersey.
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                Next, it was then the time for girls to play. It was girls’ futsal. Futsal for girls was really interesting because sometimes girls really afraid to face the ball. Lots of people enjoyed watching ladies’ futsal. My class and our opponent, X Science 6, played with almost the same skill. Unfortunately, our goalkeeper, Najwa, couldn’t catch the ball that was going through between her feet. So, X Science 6 got 1 score. The score 1-0 for X Science 6 lasted until the time was up.
                Then, it was time for me to play. I played “Tarik Tambang” in English called as “Tug of War”. It’s a really popular game in Indonesia, even many Indonesian claims that it is Indonesian traditional game. The tug of war need 10 persons to play from each team, 5 girls, 5 boys. We were opposing X Science 2. We won the first round, and we almost lost the second round. But, luckily we could pull them off so we won the game. We were really happy for that.
                The tug of war finished. Then it was time for lunch break. Actually after the lunch break we didn’t have any game that need a lot of players. We would just have Boys Badminton with Ziyad and Ernest as the players. Lots of people want to go home early but we had to support them so we stayed in Lapangan Bali (Bali Field in English) and waited until 3PM to watch them play. Our time for wait paid off with Ziyad and Ernest qualify for the next round. We were really proud of their performances. The next game will be held 1 week since then.
                It was Saturday, 1st April 2017. It was time to continue our journey in Dewa Athena. As listed in the schedule, we had to play in 7AM for dodgeball. But, at 7AM the game didn’t start yet. This time, I didn’t late. I’ve already arrived at 6.30 AM.
Dewa Athena schedule for 1st  April 2017. My Class labeled as X Aksel.

              I and other Christian students of acceleration class have Christianity class at 8AM, but longer at this time. It will last approximately until 1PM because we have 3 agendas that day. Dio, David, and I actually want to play in the first 2 game for our class. I and David in dodgeball and Dio in estafette. But, all the game ran out of the schedule, and we have to be on time because our teacher never arrived late. So, David and I only play in Dodgeball and Dio didn’t play in Estafette. I actually want to play in tug of war too, but I’ve to attend the Christianity class so I couldn’t.
                While Dio, David, and I attended our Christianity class, our classmates fought in Dewa Athena. I sometimes reminded of the game while in Christianity class. The Christianity class ended at 1PM. Then we got back to Lapangan Bali to attend Dewa Athena. We were surprised because our classmates sat down near the gate of Lapangan Bali. They were resting. Not only that, one of our friend, Raihan, got injured. He got cramp in his leg, so he could barely walk. Moreover, most of them were sad. Evidently, we lost all games we had fight. Only 3 upcoming games that had possibility to fight it until the end. Those were Guy’s Badminton, Girls’ Badminton, and Volley.
                The next match we had was Girl’s Badminton. Our players were Dita and Najwa. They faced the X Social class. We supported them with all our power so they could qualify for the next round. And the result is great. We won, so Najwa and Dita had to play again later at 3.30 PM. The next match we had is volley. Our volley game was not good. None of us could play well. We lost the first half, and the second half too. But, we found that one of our friend, Dio, was very good at service. He could serve long and high with high power, while the other player couldn’t do the same.
                The last 2 games were the guy’s badminton and the girl’s badminton. Ziyad and Ernest played first. I saw that Ziyad was already exhausted. Maybe he was tired because we lost 3 persons, Dio, David, and I, from 8AM until 1PM so he played a lot. Beside of that, our opponent, X Science 2, which represented by Fatur and Hisyam is the toughest opponent. Hisyam and Fatur played Ziyad and Ernest off. Hisyam is a superb badminton player. His smash was really really superb. So, Ziyad and Ernest beaten in 2 straight sets. Ernest and Ziyad were highly disappointed, so we had to make them calm assuring that their effort until this step is already very good.

                Later, it’s time for the last game, girl’s badminton. It’s time for Najwa and Dita again to play. This was the only spearhead that we had, the other have already beaten. This time we really supported  them to win. The game ran very interesting. We won the first set. Then, X Science 9 won the second set by deuce. So it was a tiring game especially for the players. After tight fight between X Aksel and X Science 9, Najwa and Dita, the representatives of X Aksel, won the game. We were really proud of it. They are going to play in the final at 8th April 2017. Thank folks!


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