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Natural Phenomenon: Geyser

Geyser is a hole in earth surface that shoots hot water and steam. Geyser is a rare geological phenomenon. Geyser usually located near active volcano site because it is an effect of magma. There are about 1000 active geysers in earth and half of them located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. Geyser is an extremely rare feature. It needs to fulfill some condition so the geyser can shoot water. It is a coincidence that the geological structure of the area meets the condition to form geyser. Some conditions required for a geyser is hot rocks below (magma), sufficient groundwater surface, at least a subsurface reservoir, and fissure to deliver water to the surface. A fissure is a long deep crack in the body of the earth that allows water to flow. Eruption of geyser happen if groundwater is superheated. The eruption is mainly caused by steam explosion. Magma activities inside earth caused water is boiling. After water is boiled, it always tries to change it formation from liquid…